PWYW Commission: Ivor by DarkRyuukin

PWYW Commission: Ivor


29 August 2015 at 19:24:48 MDT

When I was, a young boy
My father, took me into the city
To see a marching band
He said son when, you grow up
Would you be, the savior of the broken?
The beaten and the damned..."

Idk why but his outfit constantly reminded me of the years I listened to MCR

PWYW Emergency commission (which I'm still doing, feel free to ask) for phake

He reminds me of strawberry bananas

Also he apparently loves small cuddly animals, so I figured he'd go nuts for these mochi pokemon plushies I have in my room, so they made an appearance.

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    How did you know I love that song! It's like my fav XP

    You made him look so cute too! He's pattens are a bit more red but I love this pink look......I might keep it 0-0
    And your spot on about the plushies! He's at that age where he shows love by squishing things sssoooo something a little is a good idea XD
    I love it!you did such a good job on him ;u;

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      I felt like I remembered us talking about it XD

      Hehe yay x3 and I couldn't tell in your pic if that was red or pink with shading sorry :O
      Heheheheee cute :3
      Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

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        and then their me not even being able to remember what i didnt have a super brain! and i want it XD

        ha thats ok, he does have pink in him (DNA wise) and it really suits him! 030
        i loves it!

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          hahaha I actually have a photographic memory :P for everything except math/numbers

          Oh awesome :D I'm glad you think so!

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            oh wow! thats pretty awesome :3

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              Yeah x3 but its got its downsides too
              everything in life is a balance