Hey, I'm the Waffle King (by KaitoFletcher) by dark_nz

Hey, I'm the Waffle King (by KaitoFletcher)


9 December 2014 at 02:29:06 MST

It took a lifetime, but I finally found
The perfect waffle recipe
You'll never find a batter any better in this whole stinkin' town
One little bite and I'm sure that you'll agree

Your eyes roll back and your knees get weak
Aw, you're gonna lick your plate clean
People come from miles around just to study my technique
I make the best darn waffles this world has ever seen

I'm the Waffle King (Waffle King)... yeah
Waffle King (Waffle King)
That's what they call me
Waffle King (Waffle King)
Hey, I'm the Waffle King

Request doodle from the killer KaitoFletcher
Original at Tumblr: http://kudzuthegreen.tumblr.com/post/103627883763/

Kaito © KaitoFletcher
Dark © Me

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KaitoFletcher was doing personal doodles in a stream and asked for requests of their own characters. Often I had heard of the legendary waffle throwing skills of their character Kaito, so I requested seeing that, little knowing I'd be the unwitting target for said thrown waffles. Gotta stand perfectly still or Kaito will turn me into a new source of syrup for said waffles ;3

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