Like a dog with a bone (by Nyomi) by dark_nz

Like a dog with a bone (by Nyomi)


29 October 2017 at 03:27:26 MDT

Hold on me baby
I won't let go
Like a dog with a bone
Don't let go
You gotta

Commission placed by CrimsonEclipse and created by the fantastic Nyomi
Original posts by Nyomi:
Original post by Crimson: TBD

Dark © Me
Cooper © CrimsonEclipse

It seems Cooper managed to get a hold of Dark's cane, and now that it has just about finished turning him into a behemoth and Dark into a moogle, it seems like he has decided it makes a nice bone chew toy substitute. It seems Dark is none too pleased with this development, but apparently yelling "Drop It!" and bopping Cooper on the nose with those tiny paws of his is having little effect on the mammoth behemoth. *wap wap wap* like lots of tiny little cotton-balls hitting him.

Personally I don't see why Dark is so upset, he gets to be tiny floofy and adorable and have a great big huge behemoth as a mount to ride for a while to save the strain of flying with those tiny wings. ;3