Hi! I'm Kitvin, but you can just call me Kit. I've been a furry since late 2014, and I'm finally starting to get more involved in the art side of the community.
I do art and paw/armsleeve commissions. Check out my commission info for more details, and PM me if you're interested in something!
(Before commissioning me, seriously, please read my commission terms. It makes everyone's day easier.)

Profile pic done by Noble1777 on Amino.

DarkFox Studios Fursuit Status:
May open for partials late 2018/early 2019.
Currently open for armsleeves.
Temporarily closed for paws.

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I'm back!

on 5 August 2018 at 14:40:45 MDT

Hello! I have returned!

I'm currently open for one of every type of art commission I offer, the list below will tell you what those are! Prices and TOS are on my profile.

They are first come, first serve. The list below does not reflect the order in which they'll be completed, so if you'd like to know what spot you're in, message me!

All of these, except for my digital badges, sketches, and lineart-only pieces, can have backgrounds and/or more characters added for an extra fee.

  1. Headshot Sketch
  2. Full Body Sketch
  3. Chibi-style Headshot Badge
  4. Normal Headshot Badge
  5. Bust Badge
  6. Waist and Up Badge
  7. Full Body Badge
  8. Chibi Styled Headshot
  9. Normal Headshot, Lineart Only
  10. Full Color Headshot
  11. Chibi-style Bust
  12. Normal Bust, Lineart Only
  13. Full Color Bust
  14. Chibi-style Full Body
  15. Normal Full Body, Lineart Only
  16. Full Color Full Body
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Bust Badge
$ 16.00
Chibi-style Headshot Badge
$ 9.50
Full Body Badge
$ 25.00
Headshot Badge
$ 14.00
Waist and Up Badge
$ 18.00

Basic Toony Paws

Single Fur Color, Single Pawpad Color
$ 60.00
add  Another Fur Color
$ 35.00
add  Another Pawpad Color
$ 20.00
add  Single Color Claws
$ 20.00
add  Stuffed Fingers
$ 25.00
add  Stuffed Pawpads
$ 15.00


Chibi-Styled Bust
$ 8.00
Full Color Bust
$ 16.00
Normal Bust-Lineart Only
$ 12.00

Canine Paws

Single Fur Color, Single Pawpad Color, Single Claw Color, Stuffed Pawpads
$ 75.00
add  Another Claw Color
$ 20.00
add  Another Fur Color
$ 35.00
add  Another Pawpad Color
$ 20.00
add  Clawless Dewclaw "Nub"
$ 6.00
add  Dewclaw
$ 8.00
add  Stuffed Fingers
$ 25.00

Custom-Fit Armsleeves

Single Color
$ 45.00
add  Another Fur Color
$ 35.00
add  Cuff Snaps To A Paw & Armsleeve Order
$ 10.00


Chibi-Styled Fullbody
$ 10.00
Full Color Fullbody
$ 20.00
Normal Fullbody-Lineart Only
$ 18.00
add  Another Character To A Chibi-Styled Piece
$ 8.00
add  Another Character To A Full Color Piece
$ 18.00
add  Another Character To A Lineart-Only Piece
$ 16.00


Chibi-Styled Headshot
$ 6.50
Full Color Headshot
$ 12.00
Normal Headshot-Lineart Only
$ 10.00

Monster/Beast Paws

Single Fur Color, Single Pawpad Color, Stuffed Fingers, Stuffed Pawpads
$ 115.00
add  Another Fur Color
$ 35.00
add  Another Pawpad Color
$ 20.00
add  Clawless Dewclaw "Nub"
$ 6.00
add  Dewclaw
$ 8.00
add  Single Color Claws
$ 20.00


Full Body Sketch
$ 7.00
Headshot Sketch
$ 5.00


Commission Info

All prices are in USD. I only accept payment through PayPal (please do not use the “family and friends” option!), and work on your piece cannot begin until I have been paid in full.

I do not do refunds on art. I do not do so on fursuits or their parts either, unless I have not purchased the materials yet. Please note that these are only basic prices, and are subject to change without notice. If your design is complex or very detailed, it will be more.

When contacting me for a quote, in your very first message you need to state what it is you are asking about, and send a ref sheet of your character. By commissioning me, you are confirming that you have fully read and agree to this text in its entirety.

I do not do NSFW or ref sheets. Do not ask.

Art Commissions

Art commissions are taken on a first come, first serve basis. I do not do reserves, nor do I currently have a queue. If I feel that I cannot take on any more commissions, I will close until I finish the current pieces. I am almost always open right now, though this may change as more people commission.

All pieces come with a single color background, flat or ombre, of your choice. More complex backgrounds (landscapes, etc.) will be more, and will be discussed when you ask for your quote.

All of my work is digital. I will send progress photos to you upon request, max 2 per week. I do not have a current estimated wait time, sorry.

Fursuit Commissions
(Commission status at the top of my page overrides anything here)

DarkFox Studios is currently closed for fursuit commissions, except armsleeves, paws are temporarily closed. Hopefully towards the end of 2018/early 2019, we’ll be open for at least fursuit partial commissions. Currently, I offer three styles of paws, dubbed “Basic Toony Paws”, “Canine Paws”, and “Monster/Beast Paws”, each having add-ons available.

Paws are one-size-fits all.

Armsleeves are custom-fit, and I will require measurements that will be discussed once you have paid for your order.

Shipping will be discussed when you ask for a quote, meaning my prices do not include shipping costs. I do not know shipping times. I only ship within the United States, and I am based near San Francisco. All paw shipments will come with care instructions.

Terms Of Service

You must be 16 years of age or older to commission me for fursuits or their parts, I will ask for a photo of you with a valid state I.D.
You must be 13 years or age or older to commission me for art, and again, you must send a photo of yourself with an I.D. or something else that shows your full birthdate. A school I.D. is acceptable in this case, if it shows your school year/level and/or birthdate.
The photo of yourself with your I.D. will be immediately deleted after, I will send a screenshot as proof. This is to keep you safe!
I only accept payment through PayPal. Do not use the “family and friends” option. I cannot do payment plans at this time, sorry. I do not do refunds, unless it is for a fursuit/parts of a fursuit and I have not yet purchased materials. I will occasionally have sales. These cannot be combined or stacked. Once a sale is over, it’s over.

Disclaimer: All of my original characters and original work belong to me. DO NOT use them for roleplay, fanart, or anything else. Exception: Fanart is acceptable if you ask for permission FIRST. DO NOT: copy, trace, steal, claim as your own, or heavily reference my art. If this occurs, the appropriate actions will be taken to remove my work or the traced/copied/heavily referenced work from your profile.

Any character(s) in commissions do not belong to me, and this will be stated in the description of every commission, with a link to the owner of the character(s). All commissions will be posted on my social media pages, so be sure to include a link to one of your social media accounts when messaging me for a commission. This link will be listed in the description of the post including your commission so people can find the owner of the character(s). If you do not provide a link, I will use the one associated with the account you are messaging me from.

If you are sharing (reposting somewhere else) my art or work in general, you must give credit, including a link (one is perfectly fine) back to my Amino, Tumblr, Weasyl, or Twitter. All links are provided above. If I come across a post including my art or other works that does not have a link, I will re-post/re-blog/comment on said post with a link to one of my social media pages.

Fursuit commissions: I am not responsible for packages lost or damaged during transit, please contact the postal service for any shipping issues!
I do live with animals, and while all paws are cleaned, brushed, and disinfected before shipment, there may still be risk of a reaction if your allergies are very severe. Please keep this in mind.

Any and all ref sheets you send for a commission must belong to you, free and clear. I will not do art with stolen characters, or art of characters that are not yours.

These terms, info, and prices are subject to change without notice, but I will try to inform everyone if they are modified. Yes, I know, there is information that is repeated. It is not harming anyone or anything, and I am leaving it there.

Thank you!
-Kitvin, DarkFox Studios


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    Hey everyone. I'm not going to be able to access any of my social media for a while. (Amino, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and here.) I'm not sure when I'll be back, so just hang in there.

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    Sorry that I haven't been super active, I've had zero motivation for anything lately...
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    Just hang in there!