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Caught Slacking - By fight by darkflamewolf

Caught Slacking - By fight


A wonderful fan idea generated by A Random Kid (or ARK for short). He proposed that when Taylor was just a young tween still struggling through school, that she'd slack off using her tailmaw to write her reports and papers for her! It was such an excellent idea and totally fitting for Taylor as a character when she was just a young student with a overprotective mother like Murana. I very much identify with Murana in this comic because I know how it is when your children say they're doing one thing, but the moment you're out of their line of sight, they'll immediately switch over to what they really want to do and do whatever it takes to hide this fact from you! A common situation I'm sure every parent finds themselves in! The real questions here are: what was Ahya typing up and was it any good?

Artist: fight -