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This One is a Treasure! - By Rikitoka by darkflamewolf

This One is a Treasure! - By Rikitoka


18 October 2021 at 08:17:33 MDT

Note: The sizes of these characters are actually quite off. In fact, it was this image which prompted me to have this size chart finally made: - So just realize Taylor should probably be just reaching Marle's hips here, but for the sake of composition, they were depicted the same size. Another cool thing of note - the artist chose to include the plushy doll that can be seen in various pictures with Taylor in my gallery. So that was a nice surprise.

The moment I acquired Marle Talbender and decided to give her the unique ability to bring plushies to life, I knew what the payoff was going to be for the plushy that Mrs. Hircus gave Taylor way back in book 1 of her series. I know the attachment Taylor would have to that plushy based on her relationship with Mrs. Hircus and having a character who could then give life to that attachment was such an interesting and fantastic concept, I began building an entirely new arc and subplot involving Marle and Taylor. It was never planned, but now it is being integrated into the overall main narrative and I'm super excited to show you all how these two ladies will connect and become friends. Marle seems so happy at being shown the plushy made by Mrs. Hircus so long ago.

Artist: Rikitoka -

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