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Pony Taylor and Ahya - By Blooming~Lynx by darkflamewolf

Pony Taylor and Ahya - By Blooming~Lynx


8 September 2021 at 14:58:58 MDT

I like having fun with my characters, even if it is silly and/or non-canon. I feel it is a great thing when a creator can let loose and just be silly with their creations. Yes, I know Taylor's book series can be dark and serious in a lot of areas, but that doesn't mean there can't be heart and a sense of whimsy to its characters or setting. I know a few years ago, there was a big push or trend to 'pony-fy' multiple properties into My Little Pony universe. I felt it was a fun thing to indulge in and I happened across the perfect artist to make that goofy idea a reality. After seeing a pretty reasonable YCH that I could immediately see Taylor and Ahya in as a pony, I immediately snagged it and lo and behold - the artist was a fan of my character! They were pretty stoked to finally be drawing her, if in pony form! What turned out was an amazingly cute and adorable rendition of my lovely girls! I hope you enjoy this bit of silliness on my part!

Artist: Blooming~Lynx -

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