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With You at My Side - By AdrenalineArt by darkflamewolf

With You at My Side - By AdrenalineArt


4 September 2021 at 06:08:43 MDT

Marle likes the simple pleasures in life. She wants the peace and quiet of the outdoors and to be away from people who are mean and might hurt her. She cares not for societies' norms and expectations of how and who she should be. If given the chance, she'd just simply lay upon the grass and flowers all day, basking in the sun as she heard birdsong on the breeze. However, she does get very lonely living a solitary life of her own choosing. No matter how much she wishes to deny it, in the emptiest of days, she still longs for the comfort of another person's presence. Lacking any recourse in a country dominated by avians who want nothing to do with her, she has turned to making dolls to comfort her during the lonely nights. She has taken to calling each plushy she makes 'Tammy.' She takes Tammy wherever she goes now and it has brightened her mood considerably since she now has something to talk to. Tammy is the best listener.

Artist: Adrenalineart -

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