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Festival of Friendship - By ThePakshi by darkflamewolf

Festival of Friendship - By ThePakshi


And we have another Murana and Kyra story pic! This one came out of nowhere and surprised me! Eager to continue to ongoing story, Greyshores pounced this lovely piece of our two ladies enjoying a night out - so it was up to me to come up with a suitable And we have another Murana and Kyra story pic! This one came out of nowhere and surprised me! Eager to continue to ongoing story, Greyshores pounced this lovely piece of our two ladies enjoying a night out - so it was up to me to come up with a suitable story for these two!

Murana arrived early in the afternoon, much to Kyra's surprise. She had expected the wolf to come about the time they were to leave for the festival nearly an hour later. Opening the door to the apartment Seth had graciously loaned out so Kyra could have some privacy to explore friendships such as Murana or even relationships, Kyra beheld a gorgeous vision. Murana was standing before her, regal and elegant in a luxurious black kimono with red trim. The size of her notwithstanding, the smaller wolf made a striking figure and Kyra's heart nearly faltered a beat at the majesty of Murana's looks. The kimono seemed to only accentuate the beauty, not detract from it.

"You going to gawk or can I come in to fit you into one too?" Murana smiled playfully.

"Oh, uh, sure!" Kyra was fumbling over her words. She stepped aside and let the wolf in before realizing what she had said. "Wait, fit into one too?"

Murana turned around after she had laid several additional kimonos across the couch in the living den. "Of course! What? You didn't think we'd just dress in casual shirts and jeans at an authentic culture festival, did you? Good gods, we gotta look the part and showcase how beautiful we can be in authentic cultural clothing. That and it breathes heavenly!" She spun around to let the kimono dance around her as it settled.

Kyra's eyes gazed over at the kimonos. "They look expensive."

Murana shrugged. "They were, but whatever doesn't fit you can be returned tomorrow easily enough so I'm not worried. Besides, you're worth it!" She winked, causing Kyra to blush as she stepped over to look at each one.

"There are so many choices." Kyra was dumbfounded. She never had anyone do something this nice for her outside of Seth and the variety of choice in clothing mystified her. Murana had hit the nail on the head. She was totally expecting to just go casual. This switch to dressing more authentic was a bit of a swerve for Kyra. "They all seem to be different sizes." Kyra noticed.

Murana nodded. "Yeah, your...erm... bust size required variety." She sheepishly pointed at Kyra's enormous chest. "I had to guess possible sizes that would fit you. They don't exactly make them big. So I had to cast a wide net for sizes in hopes one would fit you comfortably."

"Not like I can make them any smaller. If anything, they grow bigger sometimes!"

"I know how that can be!" Murana laughed. "Still, we have a date to keep, so undress and let's try these on."

"What?" Kyra blushed hard again. "I think I can figure out how to put one on."

Murana looked amused. "I know you can. However, if we want to tie it nice and snug, you're gonna need a helper. Unlike me, who I had two little helpers strap me into my kimono, you're gonna need me. Besides, I don't think you'd want two boys like my Steven and Max to see you undressed. I'm their mom, so it's slightly different."

"Yeah, best not scar them for life." Kyra laughed.

"Well, you certainly wouldn't be scarring me." Murana gave her an odd look that Kyra noticed. It was very...alluring and she wondered if the wolf was checking her out. Not that Kyra would mind that. She inwardly admonished herself on such thoughts. Murana was just a friend. No need to let her mind wander off into the gutter about all the things she could do to this wolf.

After some false starts, some additional blushing and awkward moments, Kyra finally tried on several kimonos, landing on a purple one with floral accents that fit her perfectly. She had to agree with Murana, the fabric did breathe beautifully and it was like she wasn't wearing anything on at all. It felt heavenly. There were a few moments there that she had to fight her inner urge to show her attraction to Murana as she felt those small paws on her body as they smoothed out and assisted in getting her into the kimono.

"How do I look?" Kyra did a twirl of her own.

"Like a goddess." Murana laughed, clapping her paws. "Come on, we got a festival to attend!"

It was wonderful. Kyra could not fathom the beauty that surrounded her in the park. Located in the center of the city, the nature park spanned across multiple city blocks. Strewn throughout the open commons were multiple stalls, booths and stages with music acts and theater. Kyra had never been introduced to special events like these before and it was made all the more special by being with a friend she loved and trusted. They tried multiple food options, Murana apologizing profusely to the vendors as Kyra bought their entire food stock out and then some. She was a hungry kangaroo and the delicious eats hit the spot.

They laughed and cheered as they attended multiple performances and even dance competitions with fancy tassels, fans and umbrellas. It was a magical night and Kyra lost track of the time. It was nearing midnight when the festivities began to die down and they were ushered to the large lake in the center of the park. Murana had rented a boat ahead of time, knowing this was going to happen. Assisting Kyra into the small boat with her, the wolf rowed them out to the center alongside multitudes of other festival goers.

"What are we to do now?" Kyra was looking around the moonlit waters and saw flickering lights inside red paper lanterns.

Murana bent over to pick up two lanterns of their own that came with the rented boat. Using the proffered matches, she lit each one and handed one to Kyra who took it gingerly, feeling like she was going to crush the thing. "These represent our worries and fears. We can unload our anxieties onto these lanterns and let them drift away into the sky. Some believe it is a symbol of luck to do this and that the days ahead will be filled with it. Just hold yours in your lap for now. They'll give the signal to release them in a moment. How about you think about what you wish to get rid of off your heart while we wait?" Murana suggested, holding hers in her lap.

"Okay." Kyra looked down at her small, flickering candle surrounding by red. What did she worry and fear about that she wished she didn't anymore?

She looked over at Murana who was deep in what looked like prayer. Kyra wanted to have more friends like her. Someone who never judged Kyra for what she was or what oddities she had. To be a friend to rely on when needed. As comfortable as she was under Seth's roof and the friendly people she had met and even made love to there, there was always a wall of intimacy she couldn't quite cross with them. Perhaps the lot of them being experiments like her dulled the novelty factor of having sex with any of them. It was almost impersonal at times, despite the intense fun she had doing so. She wanted someone to specifically be hers to love and hold, to be with and share her deepest thoughts.

"Kyra, you alright?" Murana's voice shook Kyra from her thoughts.

"I'm fine. Sorry!" Kyra stood up to be alongside Murana who was standing as well. They struggled a bit as Kyra's huge bulk shifted the weight in the boat and nearly capsized them if not for the quick reflexes and redsitribution of weight by Murana.

"How about we just stand right here and I hold onto you so we don't have an accident, ok?" Murana chuckled, holding her lantern with one paw. "It's almost time. Did you think up of any worries you wish to cast away tonight?"

"I did." Kyra nodded. Her heart raced as she felt Murana's arm wrap around her waist to keep her steady in the small boat. "What did you want to cast away?"

Murana shook her head. "No, it doesn't work like that. That is something we keep to ourselves. I just wanted you to get something out of it too and that you are hopefully throwing away some fears and worries that have been bothering you."

"I am." Kyra held onto Murana tight as they raised their lanterns aloft. They stared in awed silence as hundreds of the lanterns rose into the sky, drifting silently on the little heats illuminating them from within. It was a very romantic sight. "Thank you for taking me here." Kyra said at last.

"No worries." Murana squeezed her waist. "I could tell you were nervous going back to the gym with me after all that had happened and we honestly haven't really hung out like girlfriends beyond the gym. I felt this was the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better and really enjoy each other's company. You feeling better about everything?"

Kyra smiled and looked down at the gorgeous wolf wrapped in her arm and tail, which had unknowingly snuck around Murana. She didn't seem to be shying away from the embrace. "Thank you, Murana. I needed this. I haven't felt this relaxed in... years." Kyra truly meant it.

This was the first time she could recall that she wasn't worried about anything. The entire evening, she felt completely at peace being with Murana. She now felt more attracted to this diminutive wolf than ever before. Murana was more than just a pretty face. With her amazing fighting skills hidden beneath that unassuming exterior, this wolf managed to knock Kyra flat on her ass. However, what followed after and the extreme generosity and empathy Murana showed only exacerbated Kyra's attraction to her. She was near to bursting with a need for this wolf. Unfortunately, there was one fear that the paper lantern could not wash away and that was the fear of rejection. Murana was a good friend, but not a lover. Not someone romantically involved. She was afraid of expressing her true wants to Murana, because she did not want to make things worse and lose her. She was too rare a blessing in Kyra's life - a friend she found all on her own without Seth introducing them first in the confines of his labs.

"I'm glad." Murana helped Kyra sit back down in the boat and continued to sit beside her, their bodies locked together by their arms. She was leaning her head against the side of Kyra's chest. "My boys don't really appreciate these sorts of things right now. I understand. They're young and they're more attuned to their electronics than 'boring' festivals like this. I'm just glad I had a friend to finally experience this with me."

"I'm happy I got to experience it all with you." Kyra drew her closer and just held her tight as they stared up to the sky at the flickering lights still floating ever higher. Kyra wished hers could take away her last worry over Murana. Wouldn't that be a wish come true.

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