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Going for Seconds - By Totesfleisch8 by darkflamewolf

Going for Seconds - By Totesfleisch8


Some of my funniest and outlandish commission ideas come from friends. This one actually came from Lucario389, the owner of Jake Thumpings. He pointed me to a salad meme of some reknown and suggested something like this with Taylor/Ahya and Jake would be hilarious. Wasn't really intending this to be a canon picture, especially since neither Jake nor Taylor would be able to enjoy such a domestic setting for any length of time during her book series. Still, it is fun to explore side ideas or slices of life of what it would be like living with a tailmaw - or in Jake's case, being romantically involved with a wolf that has a tailmaw!

However, seeing this image does give me ideas for how to navigate their relationship together and how exactly Jake would interact with Ahya while still being romantically involved with Taylor. After all, you got two ladies to please with just that one rabbit body! I'd imagine the more comfortable Jake got with being around a wolf predator with a terrifying maw for a tail, the more daring and bold he'd be in wanting to please them. Giving what I've written of Jake so far, he seems to be the type of rabbit who wants to have a partner want him, not because of what he is, but for who he is - and he'd do anything to make sure they were happy with him. So... I could totally see him getting EXTREMELY comfortable to a point where he'd get super freaky, even with Ahya - who, of course, would love every second of it! Free tastings of bunny over and over again whenever she wanted? FANTASTIC! Taylor might has some issues with it though depending on the place and time they decide to get frisky!

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