Ara and the Seven Year Itch - By Pakwan008 by darkflamewolf

Ara and the Seven Year Itch - By Pakwan008


5 April 2021 at 20:31:25 MDT

Arzmx has been a great artist to work with and has indeed been extremely patient with me when I commissioned them for no less than 75 sticker emojis for my Taylor Renee. So imagine my surprise when they offered a nice discounted commission on top of that I could get (and I did!) in addition to my large order and you got the makings of a wonderful experience with her. She is sweet and very easy to work with. Wouldn't mind doing it again in the future.

Now it's been on my mind to get her a thank you gift for the mass amount of work she did for me all at once and to let her know how much she's appreciated for just being an all-around nice person! After broaching the topic with her about the gift, they were flattered and shy about receiving one and even more surprising, they said they'd be okay with NSFW with her rabbit character, Ara. As tempting as it was to go full ham on this lovely freedom, I decided to instead be respectful and do something a bit spicy and a neat homage to a great scene, actress, model and idea. For those who have seen 'The Seven Year Itch,' there is an iconic picture that arose from that film of Marilyn Monroe standing over a sewer grate with the air from underneath blowing up her skirt. I figured that would be a fun, sexy and enjoyable pic to do. The artist was on board and relished the time spent to draw something outside their norm. Least to say, Arzmx was ecstatic and loved the gift art to bits!

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