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Brewed Love - By Sheldon Dober by darkflamewolf

Brewed Love - By Sheldon Dober


4 January 2021 at 23:19:44 MST

Done for the winter season, this was a lovely YCH that I knew I had to get for my primary canon pairing. How does a wolf easily share a kiss and gentle hug from a partner who only comes up to her stomach? She picks them up and gives them easier access to her neck to nuzzle! Sharing some loving warmth and body heat on a cold winter day is a wonderful way to pass the time. Having some hot, fresh mocha to warm up the belly doesn't hurt either! With Ahya being able to taste the goods of their brew, Taylor can multitask by giving Jake some much needed attention, as bunnies want to have, and get a good drink in through Ahya. A beautifully adorable piece.

Artist: Sheldon Dober -