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Ahya Fanboy - By The Unpopular by darkflamewolf

Ahya Fanboy - By The Unpopular


Sometimes you get fan art that is just...interesting. I mean, unless it was NSFW, in which case, I'd rather be approached with it first for permission, I am usually pretty lax about SFW stuff. So I recently met a young man who was a budding artist and he had taken quite a smitten to Taylor and Ahya. He also has a lot of unique tastes as well, to include a certain vore obsession which is probably what drew him to my character. What was not to like? She's cute, beautiful, sexy and had a tailmaw for vore. When he asked about drawing a SFW idea based on a meme about loving on Ahya's tail with an annoyed Taylor's expression, I found it cute and I let him have at it. I even linked him up with Ziegelzeig to assist with shading and background which was much appreciated. What came back was a very unique piece that certainly brings up more questions than it answers. However, fan art is fan art and this young artist got his personal wish fulfilled of hugging his anthro crush's tail and potentially being nommed for his efforts. Which I'm sure is what he wanted...heh.

Artist: TheUnpopular -
Art Assisted by: Ziegelzeig -

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