The Water is Fine - By LevelViolet and AvocadoSeed by darkflamewolf

The Water is Fine - By LevelViolet and AvocadoSeed


10 July 2020 at 13:05:36 MDT

Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself to something nice. It was my birthday this past June and I hadn't really gotten myself any presents worth mentioning. Then I saw this glorious YCH done by the talented LevelViolet and collabing with an artist I had not heard of, AvocadoSeed. It was a bit on the pricey side, but since it was my birthday, I figured I could splurge a bit and enjoy this bit of art indulgence. And the result was spectacular and certainly now one of my favorites of Taylor and Ahya! Like me, they too like to splurge and take a nice dip into the pool, complete with relaxing Mimosa to ease the strained nerves. Come on in, the water is fine - and so is Taylor and Ahya! Don't be shy, Ahya won't bite!

Artists: LevelViolet and AvocadoSeed - &