Ariana "Ari" - The Arbiter's Daughter - By ThePakshi by darkflamewolf

Ariana "Ari" - The Arbiter's Daughter - By ThePakshi


8 March 2020 at 15:16:21 MDT

Ari is a very cunning female tortoise/crocodile hybrid. Daughter to The Arbiter and inheritor to a massive criminal organization, she is not one to be trifled with. Although she may be young in years and matches the age of Taylor, she had tread a far different path that has put her in direct conflict with both her and others who seek to use Taylor for their own ends. An enigma in many senses of the word, she is at times brutal and merciless but at other times she is very kind and empathetic. This unusual dichotomy is what keeps her unpredictable and a terrifyingly effective enforcer of the Arbiter's will.

Her cybernetic eye was grafted into her skull with direct infusion into her brain where she can download information from the wifi signals in the air and tap into the internet for quick data dumps to assist in her endeavors. She also has a terrifying power to manipulate liquified rock/earth around her which has driven many to fear her by name alone. A powerful ally, yet also a scary villain depending on whose side she is on.

Artist: The Pakshi -

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