Taylor of Clubs - By Quirky Middle Child by darkflamewolf

Taylor of Clubs - By Quirky Middle Child


17 April 2019 at 20:27:37 MDT

Seeing the popularity of his card designs, many people were clamoring for more Quirky card commissions! He opened up three queues worth of card commissions and all three filled up pretty darn fast! Who knew that this silly idea would turn into something so profitable for him? I managed to sneak my way into his third batch queue and since Murana was already a Queen of Diamonds, Taylor had to be a face card somehow.

Now, recently, there has been a growing number of Taylor fans who want to see more of her rebellious side and see her inner punk rage out. So, this image is to accommodate just that need for fans! She always had a metal streak in her and since we established in previous commissions that she used to play guitar, it made sense that she is a musician of a sort alongside her older brother, Max. I gave this idea over to Quirky to have her up on stage in a primary guitar role, going full metal for her fans and for the music, with Ahya playing the guitar when she could not. Adding the silhouette of Max in the background was a last minute addition, but it added so much more flavor to an already rockin' piece!

Artist: Quirky Middle Child - https://www.deviantart.com/quirky-middle-child

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    I love this!

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      As I'm both writing her character and commissioning art for her, I'm slowly fleshing out who she is. The decision to make her a musician was one that was toyed with early on, but finalized recently.