Down by the Riverside - By TUWKA by darkflamewolf

Down by the Riverside - By TUWKA


25 December 2018 at 19:25:27 MST

I had this idea in my head for quite a few months now and it traveled from artist to artist, never really finding a home until I found TUWKA. They blazed through the idea in a style I thought was perfect for the emotion I was trying to capture. Since Ahya is a carnivore and Taylor is a herbivore, finding food that each can eat and not make one or the other upset, it is always a daily struggle. Since Taylor can taste everything that passes through Ahya's digestive pouch, it stands to reason that she has to make some compromises with what Ahya eats for her tail to be happy and not cause her undue trouble. One of the types of varied meats she can tolerate is fish. So she takes the time necessary to catch her tail some fish to satisfy its rapacious appetite and at the same time feed herself since that meal travels straight to her belly as well once digested through Ahya.

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    Are we sure she isnt a super hero? Catching fish with her bare paws is a pretty neat power! X3