Storm Chasing - By Melloque by darkflamewolf

Storm Chasing - By Melloque


10 October 2018 at 20:15:32 MDT

It's not every day a storm cloud chases you! This is a scene that happens in my story for Murana Wolford, the Dark Flame Wolf: In Darkness I Hide. As of this posting, I've yet to write the scene, but this is a lovely sneak peek at what is to come. Clearly a villainous monster is piloting the dirigible in the sky, casting down lightning on our heroine and her fellow allies who are running across the rooftops fleeing for their lives! This was a very difficult image to visualize, but I think Melloque did a fantastic job after a few rough starts to capture the intensity of the scene! A thematic piece that tells a story without using many words.

Artist: Melloque -


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    Who or what is attacking this wolf and friends?

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      That would be the Iron Vulture captained by the one and only Don Karnage.

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        And who is Don Karnage?

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          Look up some Talespin and get yourself educated. ;)

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            I have actually seen Talespin :)