To Parts Unknown - By Kippurable by darkflamewolf

To Parts Unknown - By Kippurable


28 July 2018 at 05:59:57 MDT

Because of her unique gifts, talents and physicality, Taylor had always felt like an outcast from society. A drifter, if you will. Although she was born in the big city and her roots were grown from there, she never quite felt at home with the majority of other mammals around her. Her abilities and Ahya saw to that. Although she grew to become respected in specific circles, there was always a certain distance that was kept. She ultimately didn't mind this much, it gave her more time to wander the world and explore places yet unseen. Sometimes she would hit a patch of uneven road and burn out hard on her bike. She didn't concern herself much with the injuries, however, since her tailmaw's jelly had the potency of a natural salve and healing balm. A few minutes of licking massage and she was back on the road again.

Artist: Kippurable -

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    The artist most likely has been too used to making vulpines. She looks more fox like in this than wolf.
    Anyway is this all older art? Or are you able to pay for so many commissions in a short amount of time? I wish i would have the money to do the same for jack's tale.

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      This is all old art. I'm slowly catching up to the new art I've commissioned. But I don't want to flood this place with all the art all at once. So been doing about 3 at a time both morning and night.

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        I personally thank you for that.
        I have watchers who would mass upload 30+ pieces of work. Like on sofurry, drowning out other submissions. It is kinda annoying.