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Naga Holidays by DarkChibiShadow

Naga Holidays


Here's one of my many holiday pictures for the year-- it's Naveen and Klaus "passing the torch" to Pumpkin and Kabocha!

Hm, My Master is a Naga, eh? I don't think it's a story that I'll stop selling in book form anytime soon, and I will definitely continue to draw Naveen and Klaus here and there-- but the story has been wrapped up for a while now and 2018 was the first year where I could confidentially say "yeah, it's over".

I won't lie-- it's rough and sad that it seems a lot of people only like MMiaN without giving my other stories a chance. I think maybe the unique sappy quality of MMiaN really attracts people to it-- and I'm glad! But I've never been a one story kind of person and in 2019 will be focusing on a lot of different stories of mine including both the prologue and epilogue for Solanaceae, a brand new (!) point-and-click game, a bunch of Patreon-exclusive stuff, Space School (of course) and a bunch of other tiny projects too!

Before I ramble on too much about other stuff-- I wanted to say that Pumpkin and Kabocha are not meant to be a replacement for Naveen and Klaus-- I just still really like nagas and wanted to draw one again. (I was also desperate for a horse-y character, haha.)
The idea of a farmhand of some kind getting together with a naga was a very indulgent idea I've had for a while and I'm happy to finally have a chance to draw it and share with my supporters.

So, while I think this story is passing the torch in terms of me having a very sexy naga to draw-- it's not passing the torch in that MMiaN feel. Naveen and Klaus will always have their place in my heart-- but I'm satisfied with where their story left them.
I know this is disappointing to some people and always will be, but I've got plenty of other stories and couples for you to indulge in that include all sorts of dynamics so I urge you to check out my body of work as a whole and not just MMiaN. Thank you!

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