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Solanaceae First Collection Pre-orders end today! by DarkChibiShadow

Solanaceae First Collection Pre-orders end today!


Today is the last day to help fund the Solanaceae First Collection book! 🎃
And here’s the cover and back cover reveal!

My goal is around $600, with a total of 50+ books printed depending on how book pre-orders go! That means I need 20 orders to make this happen– right now I only have 11!

Even if we don’t meet the goal: everyone who already pre-ordered will get their book; this just means my stock for Kumori-con and the holiday season will be a bit lower than I would have liked~

Here’s all the ways you can help get these books made:

Pre-ordering this book:
-Buying anything from my Etsy:
--Buying these little Solanaceae buttons! $2 each or 3 for $5!
---Buying the limited edition Sola Ch.1 book:
----Simply leaving a tip to help out:

And of course– sharing helps more than anything! So please; SPREAD THE WORD!
Here's a post on Tumblr:
And here's a tweet:

And of course– reblogging helps more than anything! So please; reblog! You can also retweet the official announcement if you like!
The orders will be closed tomorrow morning; and planning to get the books in September and start shipping then.

🎃Happy Witchmas everyone!🎃 -DCS

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