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Solanaceae Ch.2 Page 12 by DarkChibiShadow

Solanaceae Ch.2 Page 12


14 January 2016 at 00:09:09 MST

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As for anyone who already pre-ordered, it’s looking like I’ll be getting the books printed after I figure out some other stuff in the meantime. Not to worry tho, it’ll all get made in time!

Oh! A peek into the origins of these two? Hmmm…!

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    Man I really like Battam. A big hearted tolerant person that can be bitchy and opinionated and also runs around beating themselves up/hating on themselves it's just.... Ugh baby I identify with you so much. <3 <3

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      OH GOSH! Thank you so SO much for this comment!
      I've been getting some people with mixed feelings about Battam lately but personally I identify with him A LOT. He's a character who came to me in a time where I really needed someway to express my feelings of jealousy and the like-- but it's not like people can't have these feelings and also be kind and loving.

      Battam's feelings are really complicated and I'm hoping to show a lot of development between him and Satine later on in the story as well as prologue stuff involving Sal's own struggles.
      Regardless-- I'm rambling! I just really appreciate your comment and it totally made my day.

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        Oh wow! I'm glad my comment was able to do that! Man, I've got really complicated feelings too (coupled with low self-esteem it's quite the emotional ride living in my head, haha). I really do think me and Battam may be super similar. I tell you if being inside his head is anything like being inside of mine I just feel super bad for the guy and want to endlessly snuggle him!

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          Well honestly I'm just glad I could make a character you identify with!
          Battam's got confidence areas that aren't magic haha! He's very confident in his appearance and sexuality but when it comes to lots of other stuff he's mostly fronting when it comes to confidence. (As we're seeing with this scene)
          I JUST! AH! I can't wait to show more of Battam to you and everyone!