breakfast sure took a long time to show up by darkaldebaran

breakfast sure took a long time to show up


27 June 2015 at 20:58:46 MDT

executive time wasting

we had walrus for breakfast

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    Fun fact. Doctor Wednesday is the vessel by which I was introduced to - and became fascinated by - vixes with dixes. :D

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      ooh really? (blushes)

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        Yup! This was in the early days, scouring the likes of VCL and stumbling - very confused, at first - on to things that I'd not actually considered before! But an obvious sense of humour and a 'Huh, it's not all about the dick?' is what got me to stick around and try it myself.

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          it feels really good to hear you say so n.n usually i try to portray my characters with dignity even though most of them are highly sexualized - even though they are fantastic they are also meant to represent my self-image - not really in a literal sense but they are meant to fill a niche or role outside the standard gender binary - so even the ones who are obvious sex bomb characters tend to have more self-possession than the average pin up - and i think that is all the speech im going to give right now ^.^;

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            Aye. Without resorting to rambling, discovering highly sexualized characters who weren't entirely about their genitals was an eye opener. It certainly informed a lot of what would come from me over the years!

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              i am glad i did my part to help that along n.n