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16 February 2014 at 14:06:45 MST

Checkout this guy from the Checkout.
I used to work at a supermarket and I gotta be honest this guy totally distracted me.
Such a cutie with ginger hair uwu, had to draw him.

Which made me wonder, how many artists see people and want to draw them and furthermore I wonder if I've ever inspired someone else..really strange to think about

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    He is pretty cute. I always see people that I want to draw. In fact, I think that's probably the weirdest compliment I've ever wanted to give to anyone (but never did because it seemed too weird). "I really like how you look can I please draw you" would be the highest compliment I could give to someone.

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      Haha I know right, it just seems such a strange thing to say out loud. The problem most of the time is I'm crossing them on the street and I really want to take a picture for reference of their interesting face/clothes. Gah it's so awkward. I want to stop them but how would I even explain ^^;;

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        It does just seem like a really weird thing to say. One day I might work up the guts to ask someone if I could snap a picture of them because they look interesting and I want to draw them. For now, though, I'll stick to feeling like a creeper and wearing shades so I can doodle people on the bus without them noticing.

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          Same here hopefully or I can become an expert in sneaky camera skills. Glad to hear I'm not the only creeper though :P

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    wow he's hot he looks a bit like you uwu

    I love it when you draw random people, they always look so great and full of character, this is really cool <3

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      oh gosh shush uwu

      aww thanks :D that's so nice of you. Had to draw this dude I was really staring aha