The hyena perfume - page 5 by Danwolf

The hyena perfume - page 5


27 April 2015 at 14:20:11 MDT

Finally I'ts done...I've been very busy with school and wasn't in the mood mostly to draw the next part,because these comic pages taking a lot of time. (Final exams aren't helping either,I've been working on this for more than a week in parts)
Anyway a lot of you guys asked for it,here's the last page (?) I'm not sure about continuing it for now,but if a lot of people will ask,I'll come up with something in the future.
Enjoy Dan being turned into a huge mindless buffy yena >:3 He's huge tough D: I'm not sure Epigon can deal with him that easily.


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    This artwork definitely have blackrat influences, still practice about that and you gonna be the new one who draft that style what the people want in the TF stuff. You can be the new black-rat that the people claim and you can draw your own stuff that blackrat still pending with you xD

    Sorry for the joke, I really wanted to say that :P