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Hunting or Hunted? by DanteAffinityXD

Hunting or Hunted?


Dante stalks through the forest, not more but a bow and his old sword from a farmhand at his side, the farmhand looked doubtful the sword could handle even a small block of wood, let alone the tough sinews of the great arachnid Dante had followed rumors of with those two big ears of his. Yet he felt more trust in his faithful bow and arrow, all the same, hoping never to get close enough to find himself snared in a spiders web.

But as Dante descended past the outskirts of the forest, far past where even the crows lost their voice for fear of being found, he discovered the stony earth soon felt sticky against his bare pawpads. Windswept waves of cobwebs slipped along the ground, oh there were so many, then caught themselves with partners dancing from the tree hollows and hanging from the limbs. The light of the fading sun lost it's flavor here and the air tasted cold and musty. Dantes ears paried each sound and soon he drew his bow, realizing the great beast, of size he knew not, must have been near. But Dante wasn't the only one looking for something as evening fell over that dark and terrifying forest. For here, there was room for only one hunter, and a slot for only one hunted.

A great piece by the amazing, denyok who's water color skills are crazy good! You should go check them out and commission them for you own great ideas :D.

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