Pearl in the beach Chapter 2 by Dangamer649

Pearl in the beach Chapter 2


12 January 2018 at 16:10:24 MST

Took awhile to have it complete, but it's finished. Let me know what you think enjoy. Continuation of the sea otter TF
After Molly turned into a sea otter, she enjoys herself being one. Later, Molly will meet someone.
Story and idea by me
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It is the next day after Molly’s transformation of an otter, she still hasn't found the solution of how to return being human. She got used to being Otter, like how to walk, eat, dig, and more better swimming. She feels like she can swim all day. Meanwhile, she explorers the sea everyday for food or anything she finds interesting. Her stuff that had shrunken was dropped in the sea sand.
“Huh… what's that” she said
She walks for awhile and had found a shiny pearl.
“Finally that pearl I've been looking for.” She said
She went over that pearl until another sea otter got it first and went away. She chased after him with that pearl.
“Hey, Stop with that pearl!” Molly told
“ No way, I found this pearl first, find your own.” Say the male otter.
Molly was surprised that she encounter another sea otter just like her. The only difference was her fur was dark colored than her.
“No, this one I dropped while….. I had to find lunch!”. Molly told
“Ha ha ha you dropped it while you were looking for food, that's so funny.” He laughed at her that reason
She was so mad at laughing at her, even though she lied that she didn't find lunch at the time she dropped the pearl. Until the male otter slipped and went into the sea water and accidentally dropped the pearl.
”yes!” She said
She picked the pearl from its paws and for a silent moment she wished to be human again. She waited and waited
“Nothing happened….”. She said in a disappointed mood
Suddenly the male otter came out of the water and climbed up and saw that she know has the pearl.
“ aww no fair, it's shiny I haven't seen one of those in awhile.” Says the male otter
“You can have it…” Molly told
“ huh… but didn't you want this, after all you said it was yours.” He says it in a curiously
“ Yeah but I… maybe I got the wrong pearl”. She said
Molly then walked away and felt a little sad about the pearl not making return to her regular self. Her ears dropped as her tail was low. The male otter seemed to be concerned and worried about her. He think about something to make her feel better.
‘Following could be A cheer her up B return the pearl back to her or C…… well I got nothing, just leave her alone for now. Well choice A it is.’ He thought while making a decision.
He went to find her where Molly is and found walking through the soft sand as her tail touching the sand as making a line. He ran and finally caught up to her.
“ummm hey listen I'm sorry what I did….” Said the male otter
“That's okay, it's nothing” said Molly
“Oh well what's your name?” Said the male otter
“Molly” She smiled as she introduced to him
“Nice to meet you, my name is Lloyd” he introduced to her back
She liked how the conversation is going. Maybe he was cheering her up?
“Say I never seen around here before, are you new here?” Lloyd questions
After Molly heard that question she thinks if she should tell the truth or just not answer. But at least she would tell a bit.
“Yeah, yesterday” she answered
Oh, that explains it, where did you sleep at last night? Said Lloyd
“In a sand” Molly answered
“You sleep in the sand and nobody noticed you and getting captured?” Said Lloyd
“No I made a hole to keep me warm, Well I did sleep in the sand when it was warm in the day” Molly Explained
“To be honest you're the only otter I seen at this beach” said Lloyd
Really? Molly says as she looked at Lloyd
“Yeah, there are no otters living at this place and I usually help out other people’s problem like losing stuff around” said Lloyd
“Wow you seem to be a otter helper with a good heart” Molly says it to Lloyd making him smile
“Oh you're too kind” he blushes
They laugh and liking how they communicate as otters. It feels like a long day talking to someone who understands her.
“Hey do you want to see something come cool?” said Lloyd
“What is it?” She said
He ran to get something but Molly doesn't know what he wanted to show. Later, she heard a voice and it was Lloyd surfing?
“Woo-hoo! He exclaimed
“How are you able to surf like that?” Molly says
“I can't hear you, I have to be careful with those waves?” Lloyd said as he continued to surf really well standing on two legs having control on the surfboard.
As Lloyd surf through the waves Molly was amazed that an otter can do that. She would try surfing, maybe. Lloyd landed with the surfboard as he finished.
“How did you learn how to surf?” She questioned him
“I just got the skill, I always surf in the Beach. Wanna try?” Lloyd said to her in s curiously
“Ummm… I'm not good at it-” Molly said until Lloyd grabbed her arm
“Come on, I'll teach you” Lloyd said as he took her in his surfboard
They both got in the long surfboard and Lloyd telling Molly the basics of surfing. Molly got in front while Lloyd got in the back watching. Molly tries to do as he told him. She stood up in two legs surprisingly is doing well so far. The wave wasn't too big but she can handle it just fine. She seemed to enjoyed it as the air blew to her fur. “Woo-hoo!” She got excited as she know how to surf.
“Told ain't hard” said Lloyd
“I never thought this is fun!” Said Molly as she puts a smile on her face.
They surf until Molly and Lloyd finally was on land. They both had fun today, both were tired so they laid on the soft sand.
“That was a lot of fun today” Lloyd said in an tired voice
“I'll say” Molly smiled agreed with Lloyd
“Next time we should swim together, maybe we'll find something new like that pearl.” said Lloyd
“Yeah” said Molly
Would she tell him who she really was that way he’ll know the reason looking for the pearl? Maybe later she enjoys being an otter.
“Well it's almost sundown gotta get to sleep see you tomorrow” said Lloyd
“Yeah, we had a lot of fun. If I wouldn't found you, I don't know I would do today and I'm sorry what happen earlier?” Molly said
“Don't worry about it, we're friends now right.” Lloyd said as he looked at Molly
‘Friend. It's been long I haven't made a friend. Sure I had friends in school as human, but not as an otter.‘ Molly thought of it.
“Yeah” she smiled
“We'll see you tomorrow, bye.” Said Lloyd as he went home.
“Bye-bye” she said as she waved with a cute smile.
She went to her resting place to sleep for tonight and she went to sleep tired from all the fun she had. Hopefully things will get better later.

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