Under the Glow of the September Moon by DancingVulture

Under the Glow of the September Moon


24 July 2018 at 10:39:12 MDT

"Under the Glow of the September Moon"
One September a few years back, I had the thrill of watching a young Cross Orbweaver Spider grow up on my balcony. Every evening she would weave her web in the corner of the screen door and wait for insects. Every evening she went about her craft a little differently, until she eventually perfected her method and moved her beautiful orb of a web to a nearby bush. By the end of September, she was fully grown, and had disappeared.
SIZE: 14.5" x 18" framed
MATERIALS: wool, custom frame
This one is available in the e-shop as well! https://squareup.com/store/dancingvulturedesigns/

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    We have spiders like this all over washington. Every summer they come out in force. This is a really cool piece. I wish i could do stuff like this.

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      Ahhh man that's awesome!! I love orb weavers of all kinds. They're just so inspiring to watch.
      Thank you so much! I bet you could!!

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    Sure thing! Orb Weavers are really quite docile. I tried to get one to bite a piece of straw once...it's quite amazing what they'll put up with. I donno if I could do that stuff or not. But it's great to see it done.