She's Gone by DameGreywulf

She's Gone


2 August 2019 at 07:02:52 MDT

I wanted to write something not nsfw from Zed's point of view, since I realized I sorely lacked in both of those deparments (ie most finished pieces are from Candler's POV and most of them are nsfw), aaand I also wanted to write some stuff earlier in the story.

So here we have the time Candler saved Zed from his sister and realized it had been his sister who had sexually abused him. Bad times all around.

This is before Candler told Zed his real name (Marcellus) and of course before they were in a relationship, when they were just friends and roomies / Candler was a nearly-homeless and Zed took him in.

I promise I'll write something nicer next time. Especially 'cause I want to submit more stuff to the disabledcharacters group on deviantART

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