Hello, my name is Dame.

I'm a 27 year old catty bitch. Hahaha puns.

I like... Steven Universe, Blue Exorcist, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, cats, cartoons, .hack, porn, video games, Heroes of Might & Magic, Guild Wars, Pokemon, ice cream, meat, computer bullshit, music, and blah blah blah.

I'm bi and kinky and my gender is a fuck.

I live alone with two of my cats - Sunshine and One Eye. I work a terrible job. I have depression, autism, chronic exhaustion, vertigo, vasovagal syncope, and anxiety, along with social anxiety, paranoia, and insomnia issues, among so many other things.

I don't expect to make much of a splash and that's how I like it most.

This is a reference to the icons I use for my writing.




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    I know you.

    For once, in the kingdom of Aitch-Aitch-Ghey, I was called...

    Dragonflyhamu. ^_^

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      Oh! Heyy good to see you!

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        I tracked you down from DA, haha. :) I see you were quite the troublemaker there... ;)

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        Do you know of any others that might still be around? I found Rencudia's DA, as well as a few others (even Heru lol), but aaaall dead. :( I really miss Jasper!

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          Yeah I did cause quite a ruckus.

          I have Rencudia's Tumblr but it's also dead. I used to know Wolfenheim's and Amanda's as well, but it's been a long time since then and my old blog was deleted, so I don't know anymore :(

          The only one I still have is Michelle's... I forget her name on HHK but her dA was IdleThreats, her tumblr now is bananazone but it's not often updated...

          It's really sad how we all lost touch.

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            Michelle...I wonder if that was Essay or Scribbles. Geez, it's been so long! I was just hopping about DA, when I got it into my head to see if I could find anyone from the old days. I was buddies with Jasper on FA for a while, but she up and vanished like a fart in the wind a few years ago. :( I hope she's okay. I saw Atashi's and HinaFireRealm's DA accounts, but they're both dead, too. Hnnngh... Ah, well. I found you! ^_^ flies around happily

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              I think Essay might have also been named Michelle, actually lol I think maybe she was Atashi after all? She hopped a few dA accounts

              Yeah, Jasper disappeared mysteriously on dA too. A lot of them have, actually...

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                It was probably Essay, because I'm Scribbles. Hi!