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Hello, my name is Daize Haikuto. I am 19 years old, a sophomore in college, and a Flareon. As a young boy I was neglected by my parents. They had been expecting a girl and when I showed up instead, they decided not to bother with anything and gave me everything they would have given a young girl. Until the age of five, I wore dresses and had nothing to play with but a doll. My room was painted pink and I had frilly bed sheets. My parents were going to name me Daisy, but being lazy, they just named me Daize instead.

On my first day of school, the teacher noticed me in a dress and called my parents. They said that they didn’t care what I wore since I wasn’t what they wanted anyways. I had been immediately taken away and put into foster care where my teacher, a raichu, had adopted me and raised me. She showed me love and compassion and I loved her like she was my real mom. Even more than my real mom. Despite proper care and boy clothes, I continued to act girly, hanging with the girls in the classroom and playing with the dolls with the other girls rather than the action figures that the boys played with.

My girly attitude finally got me into trouble in middle school when some bullies from the 8th grade began to beat me up every day. One day, shortly after evolving into Flareon in seventh grade, the beatings were so bad that I lashed back and burned two of the bullies. Since then, people had kept their distance until I got into high school where I learned about an LGBT group. I had never considered my sexuality until then, but since having met the other people in the group, I found myself looking at guys more and more. I came out to my adoptive mom, and she accepted me for who I am and even encouraged me to be who I wanted to be.

In my Junior and Senior year of high school, I made many friends who helped me get through the bullying and I finally felt happy. Upon going to college, I got a dorm room with my best friend, Alex, a Jolteon, who always supported me. She liked having me around because I was the calm to her crazy.

Now I'm a Sophomore in college. Alex and I are rooming in an apartment and we hold a local LGBT movie nights every other week, usually on a Saturday. She enjoys her parties, while I enjoy my video games and chatting online.

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