CLONES! (audio rant) by Daigo

CLONES! (audio rant)

CLONES! (audio rant)


23 July 2014 at 18:41:12 MDT

Eeeh I felt the need to do a quick little audio rant thingy. its super short and super stupid over something super minor....shrugs it is what it is.


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    I'm glad you're not upset with people using your art as reference material, sometimes for folks who can't get commissions and don't have artistic prowess, that's the only way... and you should be rightfully honored when they choose your stuff! :D
    As for embodying the characters themselves? It is pretty strange. I suppose the popularity stigma is already there, so people expect horny furries to see them out of the bunch and go, "oh, I recognize that character! I won't have to get to know them as much before I start humpin' em silly!"

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      yeah. using art as reference is no big deal. There were folks on there that had completely different descriptions of the character. Just a picture for a frame of reference. Its the ones that tailored to the images and took the character and made it theres. thats where i draw the line.

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    Hahah, I guessed f-list before I listened to it or read the comment.

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    You know what really grinds my gears?

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    I love your Rants, you have strong views on things, which i really really respect man. This right here happens way too much these days, and i agree with ya. Plus! Where is the excitement of making your own character? to have that original spark and idea that is all your own? Now the the beginning of your rant had the hinting notes of Nostalgia to me, "like how things used to be 10 years ago" kinda vibe.

    As for now, and why these things happen (in your rant as i see it) I simply blame the "Easy Route"; Learning to do things the easy way takes out the challenge, the risks and almost all the consequences. Thus without all that experience to draw upon i fear the newer generations will not see things how we do. So to take that plunge and try to figure out what or who your character is, and instead just grab what looks cool and call it your own, how are you learning to be creative? How are you expressing your self?

    of course referencing happens, that's cool to a degree, but as long as the end product is obviously something that has the tell tale signs of being worked on over and over again, over the months/years.

    Also as a side note, ranting makes me want to draw more! Weird!

    I think i will just go and do that.

    Also see you in like 3 more weeks! wooo! (room should be available Thursday night, more deets laters~)

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    Begun the clone wars has.

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    I thought it was gonna be a Smash Bros thing. shrugs The clones thing wasn't too bad in Brawl. But god damn...fourth Smash game and we're getting a female Marth. Why? Robin is at least neat as they use both a sword and magic (gonna wreck with Thoron, Aircalibur/ Rexcalibur, and Nosferatu).

    References aren't bad. Some people have ideas on a character, but are willing to use pictures to point out what fashion they'd have, or colors, or scale or whatever. They're not taking credit of the character, the name, nor the work in the design. It's the people who outright toss up other's work and says it's them that piss me off. It's lazy and it's a lower form of thievery. I know a lot of Sonic and Pony characters out there get a lot of flack for using those dumb Flash generators or have so simple, low-thought design to them...but christ at least they try to make their own character! And it's not even like the people using other's work is acting like a short cut for them, thus allowing them to save all their creativity and individual thinking to pull off interesting character development or even great RP story building. They're usually the people who are lazy as hell, have txt tlk as their basic typing level, and expect that the other person should do all the typing. What is even the point? There has never been a case where someone took someone else's character and then developed it and worked it better than the owner. There will never be a furry Deadpool case.

    God I remember not too long ago that someone threw a hissy fit when their internet girlfriend-wife had their twitter account deleted (they were claiming to be an artist/an artist's character and the real owner found out and reported them), and the guy said stuff like, "god damn artists are fucking whining bitches with no lives". Yes. How dare the owner of the artwork/character got upset that some stupid brat reposted pictures and roleplayed a character they didn't own. CLEARLY whatever you put on the internet is consent to use however you please!

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    I really like listening to your voice

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    mmmm thats why if I dont have a idea about a character or a character name well think about the first think your mind appear thats how I make my name orphyxion beacause is a fusion name of orphen and Yxion now try and make scrambles its no to hard daigo you are a cool guy and have a nice day or night or whatever thing you see this ADIOS