Iris mad by Dagos

Iris mad


17 December 2013 at 14:21:17 MST

A commission for in-game gold xP

This is Iris, the Charr necromancer! She's mad as you can see, or probably out to get her -coughcough- favor insidejokehahahaha

Art by me

Character belongs to anaiu

Charr belong to arenanet

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    Woot, it's Iriscat! I said it before but this picture is really fucking amazing, I really love it!

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    I dont remember being able to trade gold in the game before. Then again I haven't played in 4-5 months. (Dead laptop) How much in-game money did it take to buy this? I'm curious now.

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      Mmm it was around 40g

      And yeah you can send gold, its above the item slots where you put items in

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        Aww man. I wish I had my laptop... I would have bought like 2 commissions off you. Then again, is there anything that would increase the cost/price for these? What about trading items for them? (Asumming you dont have everything like everyone else does. Myself not included)

        Sorry for all the questions. I'm both curious and excited about this now.

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          Only thing that would increase the price is extra characters/creatures. And what items do you have?

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            I honestly dont know if I have any items of value to trade. I haven't played since my laptop died. (4-6 months ago)

            Also, I might be misleading myself with the item trade-part. Most of the "cool" items tend to be soul/account bound. I've kept some Charr starter/character creator items and other random items with transmute stones but I dont remember if they can be traded even with the method I learned to pass items to other characters. (My RANGER has the THIEF-only bandana)

            Either way I think it's safer to give gold so that way you can buy what you want. My last question before I keep boring you to death... Will you only draw GW2 characters for for gold-commissions? Or can do draw other stuff? (your do's and don'ts)

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              Ah you arent boring me haha, and yeah I only do gw characters for gold

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    I like the way you draw charr :> How is name of your character?

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      My Charr is Syrax Brighteyes! You play Guild wars too?

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        Yes x3 Saashada is name of my charr and... Ololoshki of Grimm's charr haha

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          Oh coool! I need to add you guys then :D

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            We are not so often there especially the last time, but someday you can catch us x3

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              Okie dokie!