Pierre Gerlos Donia by DagoOtter

Pierre Gerlos Donia


10 April 2018 at 16:54:54 MDT

I think that many of you my friend heard about this great legendary warrior, whom was Pierre Gerlos - his tragic life story, his pain and revenge on his enemies, adventures, his long sword, etc...

If you don't know whom he was, here you have his short life story - That guy was awersome, and so inspirated ^^


If comes about picture, I really wanted draw something related to late-medieval/renessaince mercenaries - also I was so interested with Pierre character, so I decide try draw him from my imagination ^^ - I hope that final effect of details of armour, body, and sword looks really baddas ^^ (I only wonder if I don't take small perspectival mistake) - Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy with our hero ;)

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Aaaaaand as always ^^ - All kinds of comments and discussion are very appreciated and expected ^^ :D