Emmm... What do you want, gentelmens?... by DagoOtter

Emmm... What do you want, gentelmens?...


28 March 2018 at 16:36:32 MDT

Left - Old mature and minded Knight - Experienced by Life, he saw and survived a lot - subdued and tasteful, full of manners and tasteful sarcasm.

On the right, the young Knight - Full of Energy, easily torn to fight, hungry for adventures and fame, has in his head only pranks and weak jokes, graceful, flirtatious young girl charmer, prankerer, a great beer companion and partying.

Situation: Surrounding in the forest while traveling through a group of not-so-nice looking bandits.

What will happen?




Okay guys; finally something new. No, It don't take a long to draw, I only had in last month many other important works to do for photography studies, so I drew this only in free time or if I had desire Xd

Anyway this pic is only gift for my Good Friend Nikola - Coyoteesquire which you for sure know (But for sure I will give you a link to his DA page ;) )


I drew also for fun for him this drawing, I really love a lot his great character - Knight Legathin, which is really awersome character; so I decide to draw interesting project trying to show diference in behavior, thinking and acting betwen Old Knight which have experience in command, he fought half a life in many battles and wars, he saw a lot (sometimes too much), he had already experienced a lot, quite experienced already through life; and the young Knight is my Dago, who has only pranks in her head, having fun and wanting to fight and adventures; what is not really such an experienced adult yet - young, ripping blood - I guess that was really interesting to try show that in such danger situation ^^; :)

I hope that you will enjoy with pic ^^

Aaaaaand as always ^^ - All kinds of comments and discussion are very appreciated and expected ^^ :D