Desert duel by DagoOtter

Desert duel


2 March 2018 at 17:13:57 MST

Remember the desert traveler. Even if you are good at your militant mercenary profession, there will always be some fierce and annoying Bandit / other mercenary looking for a tumor, or your blood, or your war spoils, or both together. And wanting not wanting, he must fight one against several or one on one, and if you are more than that, we already have a nice bloody dinner for the vultures.




I need to say first that isn't easy to draw such pic during semestral exams week, also having to create a lot of photographic work for passing, also having many other duties, wanting to do the best you can, putting all your heart and practice into it etc. But finally I finish it. And I need to say that I am really glad that I spent so much time on refining all the details from the beginning to the end; of course, I am aware of any errors in construction, motion, perspective of characters, etc. (I will always have the conviction that something is with every new image wrong), but I am really happy with the final effect. Really I am glad with it. For the first time I did such composition - Two fighting barbarian riders on a fancy dino-like steeds; in motion and with so many details - and my first drawed lizard warrior (Which drawing him make me a lot fun, so I guess that I need to draw more lizards characters - though they are not animals popular animals in my region) That all Picture is my part of cool art-trade with one of very liked by me artists; Steinwill ^^

*Check out his gallery with his great art ^^ ->

So, I guess that for now these Desert barbaric bandits warriors would be for now last barbaric theme guys; I wanna now return to draw something more from medevial times in next drawings ;) - I leave you with the assessment of the work; I just hope that you will enjoy with them ^^

Aaaaaand as always ^^ - All kinds of comments and discussion are very appreciated and expected ^^ :D