Banzaaaai!!! by DagoOtter



11 February 2018 at 16:34:16 MST

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!! Into Battle!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xd

Rip for poor bad guys... []


One Like = One prayer... []




Just Kidding XD



Ha! New fast Art-trade, which I have made for my best warrior Friend Salvestro; his great mysterious no named Otter warrior - fast and agile like Ninja warrior in any combat on land, water (First of all in the water) and even air as in the picture - Perform any difficult mission! ^^

Check out his great gallery with his great fantasic art ^^ :la: ->


DA ->

FA ->

If comes about drawing, I am so happy with the effect of the movement and face facial expressions - and if comes with the rest of pic, I wish to be better and better with new next pics :D

Aaaaaand as always ^^ - All kinds of comments and discussion are very appreciated and expected ^^ :D :D :D