Happy drunken Russ Dragon by DagoOtter

Happy drunken Russ Dragon


27 January 2018 at 15:37:05 MST

Ummmm... Well... What to say more to that pic... XD Just don't fly after Alkohol X3 :D :3

Anyway, I just joking of course, Korson (Our hero on my new pic) isn't alkoholic warrior or something, Vodka or other alkohol in the right amount is to cheer everyone up ^^ :D And especially during cool party after won battles is so good ocassion to drunk for Victory with friends ^^ :D - Okay, and if comes about That pic is the Requet Art-trade from and for my Good Friend Dymitry, which is also young cool anthro-Reptile Dragon artist, who draw better and better with every new day his Dragons :3 - and of course on DA you can find his art gallery with his art as Maltaid ^^
I hope that pic will cheering up my dear Dragon friend ^^ :heart: So... "Na Zdrovie!!! ^^ /Cheeers!!! ^^

And as always ^^ - All kinds of comments and discussion are very appreciated and expected ^^ :D