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Advent by Dael_Macro




[Thumbnail art by Thanshuhai]

[Cover art by Dael Macro]

These the inside hours

of stillness in the night

does nature play

the most beautiful silence of all

The silence that exudes a melody

That complements and reassures

The brightness of tomorrow

With the calmness of the dark

Submission Information

Multimedia / Original Music


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    This song is really neat! :D

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      Thank you :) I had a great time with the easy interface of the software.

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        What software did you use, if you don't mind me askin? =)

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          :D 'Course not. This was made on Aira Maestosa, a MIDI note arrangement software. The other two submission I made was made on Mixcraft 5.0

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            I've never heard of either of those things D: Mostly I've heard of FruityLoops Studio, but from what I understand, that makes people who play REAL MIDI instruments cringe :P

            Either way, it's a pretty little song! Did you write it, or is this an arrangement of an already existing song?

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              This is an original. :D I have a separate album for cover songs. All the rest really are my own compositions. I don't use FL because it costs money~

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                The fact that this is original just makes me love it even more! :D You write good myoosicks! :3

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                  Why, thank you. :) I have a lot more myoosicks to upload after Weasyl's upload feature stops derping around. In the meantime, thanks for the patronage. It would help a lot if you just simple kept supporting :3

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    this is really awesome bro ^^, keep it up! :D

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      ^u^ Thanks very much bro~ your support makes me feel inspired.