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Doodle Dump 20 by Daaberlicious

Doodle Dump 20


18 August 2020 at 11:47:10 MDT

Another doodle dump! This one took a while to complete, for whatever reason.
Probably because I did quite a few larger pictures in between the small ones.

Appropriate credit is appropriate:
-In the middle of the top, F0XnR0LL's Patty is throwing a beach ball at my Leo. For some reason I thought she'd be the type to do that to him. Poor dude.
-Middle left is a picture of HAZE's 'sona. I had made a promise to doodle her, and I carried it out. Couldn't resist giving her a sweet little smile though.
-Bottom left with the mass of tails is Fiddleafox's Averi... Both of them!
There's probably nothing more awkward/horrifying than having YOURSELF show up at your door to solicit the exact same kind of scam you like to pull...

Top right, just so we're clear, is Aloene giving Mia a hug and at the same time admiring her fluffy tail.

So basically, all that's left is from A Secret Place or VHV. Click those links and enlighten yourself!