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Greets. I am the Chinny, a full-time freelance artist with a BFA in Animation.

I like monsters, kitties, Persons of Interest, Whedonverse, Homestucks, and maybe also you. Hire me to make you stuff! Sitting in my apartment making art is pretty much the only thing I do. On the off chance I wander somewhere else, I'm liable to sit and make art there, too.

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redtavern AT gmail



Latest Journal

Art Floooood.

on 20 March 2014 at 20:39:45 MDT

Hey guys, sorry about the flood! Taking yet another stab at getting my Weasyl gallery closer to caught up with my content elsewhere. Will likely take several additional such floods to get it there, but someday... someday I shall manage it. XD Doing so has proven a difficult task, as I produce artwork full time and thus can be very prolific.

I hope you enjoy all the artwork in the mean time! <3

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Joined 28 October 2012

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    I enjoy watching your art on Tumblr, hopefully I can commission you sometime!

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    Aaaaaah. I pretty much favorited all of your Dresden Files folder all at once. I love the art in it! >.< and I missed it in my faves.

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    Really like the make-up of your gallery thus far. Lots of varied tones, genres, and subjects. Also always nice to see a fellow New Jersey resident, haha. Will look forward to seeing more from you!

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      Thank you! I apologize in advance for the sheer quantity of things I'm going to be uploading, haha, but it should settle down once I get caught up. And Jersey represent! :) Definitely getting to the point where I consider it my home. I've lived in a lot of different states over the past several years, but this is the first time I've really 'settled' in awhile.

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        No need to apologize. We at Weasyl are just happy you have an interest in using our site to promote yourself and your content. Thank you for choosing us!

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    yeah so i am here now too >9w6< not sure what i am going to do with this account yet

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    heya :) I totally work in Cranbury now hehe

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      Haha neat! I've only been in Jersey for about a year and a half now, but it's growing on me. :3