Finny business by Cyrin

Finny business


1 January 2016 at 04:07:56 MST

I'm not sure if this counts as furry, but I won't make a habit of posting this kinda thing, so don't worry Weasyl!

This is something i've been wanting to do for longer than I can remember - my first time swimming with a mermaid tail that I purchased some years ago from The Mertailor (Eric Ducharme). It's only recently that i've moved into a house with a pool, and i've been saving this moment until Summer (downunder)!

As you can probably see, the fit is not perfect and this is one of the older 'neoprin' and latex tails, so it tends to slip down during swimming... but still, quite visually impressive and a lot of fun to swim with.

Really looking forward to commissioning a silicone tail at some point in the future, probably from another maker.

Here's a video of me swimming with the tail:

Big thanks to ashtraska ashtraska for the photography!

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    awesome another furry joins in the mermaid fandom :) thares not a lot of merfolks around in the furry fandom :) did you commission this tail last year ( in 2015 I mean)

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      I believe it was 2013, actually. Life's been quite busy since then x.x

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        wait so you commission this tail in 2013 and never use it till now? I don't blame you for being busy and all but wow you should wear it when your not busy like on your bed or at the pool :) but still awesome tail and now....your official an merfur :)