Someday I Know You're Coming Back Down by Cyprin

Someday I Know You're Coming Back Down


31 January 2014 at 12:36:27 MST

Darkstar [tabby cat] belongs to Ceillovesme via dA / MiRaClEsBrOtHeR via chat /
Dwindlestar belongs to me.
They're part of a different clans in a story / role play of mine. Dwindlestar was killed by a dog, I haven't figured out how her previous lives have been lost yet. But that's not important at the moment.

"Down in the dirt,
With your blood on my hands.
I blacked out,
But now I do understand,
That you were too good,
For this world so you left it.
Everything turned red,
And then you made an exit."
Coming Back Down by Hollywood Undead

Dwindlestar paced slowly, waiting as patiently as she could in the place she and Darkstar normally met. He was late per usual, and despite their relationship not being as secretive anymore they still met in their usual 'secret' place by the border. Her tail flicked anxiously and ears flickering. She had been listening to the sound of two-leg's canines barking for a while. It was starting to put her on edge and her fur stand on end, especially as it grew closer. She dug her claws into the soft ground of the bank, her anxiety driving her up a figurative wall. Dwindlestar glanced up at the sky, silently praying to starclan that Darkstar hurry up.
She flattened her self slowly when she saw something move in the distance and their scent was heavy in her nostrils. Maybe they would just hurry past, find a squirrel or something to chase. She inched herself slowly against the tree and under a bush. The bark was still wet from the morning dew; causing her to let out a hiss of frustration. For a moment, her reason for hiding was forgotten. But that only lasted a moment. She felt a sharp pain in her hind quarter, a yowl escaping her. Dwindle swung around, raking her claws across the dog's maw. She went to dart off only find jaws clamped onto her underbelly, a deep growl ringing in her ears.
She twisted her body around and kicked her back legs, meeting a bit of flesh on one of the two dog's faces. She saw scarlet blood splatter on the ground, unsure if it was the canine's or her own. Her vision blurred and she felt searing pains in her belly. Dwindlestar managed to jump aside, getting a bit a ways before the two canines fumbled clumsily after her, sinking their teeth into various parts of her body. The panic began to set in, knowing that more than anything she was bound to be ripped to shreds if she couldn't get away quickly. To her relief, there was a loud call from a two-leg as well as whistle, catching the dog's attention. They paused and debating going, only when a second whistle sounded.
Reluctantly the large animals ran off into the brush, their barks fading as quickly as they had come earlier. Dwindlestar stared after them, slowly lowering herself in a small puddle of her own blood, panting furiously. She heard an alarmed gasp, but she new who it was it right away. She closed her eyes, letting out a slight purr in response.
"Dwindlestar, what happened?!" She heard his lovely voice in her ears, she opened her eyes briefly, but strained to keep her head up to look into his gorgeous green eyes. She coughed some, wincing at the metallic taste of blood in her mouth.
"I love you, Darkstar.." She managed, offering him a weak smile. She hadn't realized the blood loss, she hadn't realized the pain on her mates face. All she knew was she wasn't afraid of dying. She knew her clan was in good hands with her deputy taking her place. She knew her clan mates were taken care of. She knew Darkstar would be fine, despite the pain she felt having to leave him. She knew she lived a great life, she did all she could. It was unfortunate she had to go the way she did, and at the time. She knew it was unfortunate she would never raise a family.
But she made it clear to those she cared for, that they were loved. She knew, even if she wasn't physically there, she could always watch over them from starclan. Being dead wouldn't prevent her from watching over her love, her family, or her clan mates.

"You would've been a great father..." Her eyes closed and she gave her final breath. Leaving her mate with an awful realization. He hadn't just lost his mate, he lost however many kits she would've been expecting.

and with that I am a big asshole <3 Haha sorry ;;

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