Cynphira Today by Cynphira

Cynphira Today


1 July 2015 at 19:28:03 MDT

This is a comparison drawing to the first drawing I have ever done of my sona back in August 2013. Mainly to show my progress with my art skills and to show how she has changed since then. I will redo this in the future and probably many times after that.

You can see the original drawing here:

Yes those are Beats. Yes I know they're just a designer brand and not the greatest. Any negative comments about it will be ignore, you're not going to get a rise out of me. They were in the original drawing.

Character: Cynphira
Artwork: Cynphira

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    Woooowww... that is a hell of a difference! The improvements are pretty much across the board on your skills - anatomy, proportion, pose, perspective and of course, colouring. This looks so much more natural and comfortable to you now. Also... even then, you have/had a great looking character. Those eyes are just always so cool looking. And... being the rather hopeless paw-lover I am, I sure like the improvements to the feet as well - really huge changes there for detail and realism. And that's just 2013! Keep up that rate of improvement and the 2017 version of this picture will practically jump off the page. :)

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      Thanks! I feel the same with my improvements over the two years. Especially with anatomy. Though the paws and hands still need quite a bit of fixing.

      I should also note that the same art program was used for them both.