The First Dance by cyiancefiction

The First Dance


13 August 2017 at 20:43:00 MDT

Amilia leaned on the wall as she looked to the floor. This ball was to celebrate her birthday, but she just couldn't put her heart in to it. He had left earlier this morning, taking her heart with him.
Foot steps approached her but did not raise her gaze until "My Queen". Her brown eyes met his green gaze. The surprise rendered her almost breathless "Desmond!"
"Sano informed me that a party was happening for your birthday, I couldn't leave without wishing you a happy birthday".
Her heart swelled, he stayed, just for her? She noticed his attire "Sano give that to you?"
"No, he helped me pick it out, said you would be wearing similar colors tonight".
Of course, she thought, Sano did make this dress just for tonight. With raised hand he asked "Care to dance Amilia?" Shivers ran down her spine as their hands touched "Yes". He guided her out on to the dance floor for all to see. Desmond's dancing was so graceful it was like he simply glided across the floor.