I may not upload very often but you can find me on DA and under the same exact name.

Do NOT use any of my art ANYWHERE unless I have drawn it for you specifically. Do not trace my art, claim it as your own, claim my characters as or own or draw them without telling me first. If you see someone with a different username from me or someone on a site different from what I listed (same username or not) please tell me and link me to their profile.
Don't steal or trace any art of characters that aren't mine that I upload.

Note - I've been feeling pretty hecking lazy and I'm quite sure I have a bit of art block. I have been doing some traditional doodles from time to time, but in short, I doubt I'll be uploading often anymore. I may upload some quick commissions I've done but that's about it.

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~ Commissions Opening Soon ~

on 11 August 2018 at 02:19:18 MDT

I'll be opening commissions pretty soon. I've had them open for a little bit but I'm going to finally be advertising them here and with updated prices (because I have a habit of badly under-pricing my art..)

I'll probably have 3 slots to start off and if I'm feeling extra spicy I may open up an additional 2 slots. I can do pixel art, normal art, anthro characters and feral characters. I'll be up to pretty much any challenge as long as it's not a humanoid character.
I can also do a maximum of 15 frames of animation, but the prices and stuff will vary.

I'll explain in more detail when I post the prices!

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    Thanks for the follow, hun! You have some cute artwork!

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    Thanks for the follow and the faves I really appreciate it! And I would love to see what art you do in the future!

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      You're definitely welcome! Your art is very cute and I see the potential for a very stylized look. :3