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Sharks doesn't seem to like sweaters by Cyborg-Lucario

Sharks doesn't seem to like sweaters


14 December 2014 at 04:58:10 MST

"Are you sure you like the sweater I bought you?" asked Jaque.
"Yes, of course I do." said Irene while irritatingly scratching her torso.
"It doesn't seem you like it though." said Jaque.
"Don't be silly. I'm just unused to wearing something like a sweater."
"You will get used to it, my dear." said Jaque reassuring.
"Why haven't I seen you wear a sweater then?" asked Irene.
"Oh... uhm... I end up destroying them whenever I go out with one on." said Jaque sheepishly.
Irene looked at him as if he was joking. But then remembered that he is indeed accident prone.
"Fine. I have myself never been fond of wearing a sweater either." said Irene.
"Oh, too bad it turned out to be a bad christmas present." said Jaque dissapointingly.
Irene sighed and brought a present to Jaque.
Eagerly, he opened it to find a sweater for him.
"Let us both have uncomfortable sweaters on us" said Irene, with a big smile on her face.
Jaque was surprised, but in a positive way.

A cheesy story that I came up with just right now to accompany the picture.

Irene and Jaque © me

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