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Modern clothes in Brehnna 1 by Cyborg-Lucario

Modern clothes in Brehnna 1


9 September 2020 at 08:17:27 MDT

I wanted to draw more of my book characters, and I thought it would be fun to draw them in modern style of clothes.

Ray may be eighteen, but he's still lively and while he understand that you can't go around with a bare chest in most places so does he have a tank top under his hoodie. If he could decide so would he have either just the hoodie or tank top.
He would still keep the shorts because he knows full well how awkward it is to go around in underwear in public.

Lucy here is finely dressed, and yes, I have seen people walk around with these kinds of dresses, which I'm pretty sure is because they feel good and does a good job ventilating the body.

Kenzai is dressed in proper clothes of high quality, which may be inspired by the Yakuza.
I mostly chose this since it would fit well with him being a professional, and walking around with a ninja suit would draw too much attention to him.

Characters and Tales of Brehnna (c) Cyborg-Lucario

This was originally uploaded on my Patreon a week ago, you may support me there if you want to see my latest pieces earlier.

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