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Tabitha reference


30 January 2020 at 09:03:09 MST

A character that I adopted from BingFox a.k.a. :iconThatDarnFoxCreations:, which I'm glad that I did because Tabitha was one of my favourite characters that he did.

Name: Tabitha Kronér

Age: 22

Species: Cat

Nationality: American (may be part Swedish)

Sexuality: Straight/bi-curious/pan (she's not sure about her sexuality)

Likes: Kick boxing, going out for walks, sweets, french fries, noodles, tacos, reading, cute pets, and some admirers

Dislikes: Opponents who talks too much before and during fights, people who underestimates her, spiders, evil, crime, boredom, and getting stuck.

Info: Tabitha is a kick boxer who's mostly silent, don't misunderstand me, she's not mute, she can talk, it's just that she mostly focuses on training and see no point in smack talking when her fists and feet can do the job for her.

She practices a mythical martial arts not of the ordinary kick boxing kind that allows her to control her ki to perform powerful attacks, and has a genetic disorder where she can never lose her belly fat no matter how much she travels around the world to train and tone her body.
And snacking between training passes doesn't help that much either. XD

Since she travels around the world so doesn't she have a permanent home, but that doesn't make her a hobo as she partakes in tournaments to win fight money so she can stay at hotels, and sometimes takes on small time jobs so she can afford something to eat.

She's a serious fighter most of the times, but sometimes she can't help but crack a smile and blush whenever someone calls her cute, cool or both at the same time.

She likes helping people too whenever it's needed and have no tolerance to bullying, which has to do due to how she was probably bullied for her symptoms before taking on kick boxing.

Random notes: Tabitha didn't have a surname at first, and since most of my characters have one so would it be fair to give her one as well.
It took some time, but I decided to go with Kronér, which would probably make her part Swede.

I'm only assuming she's meant to be an American since her original creator is one, but I think it's fine for her to be one.

This was originally uploaded one week earlier on my Patreon. Link to it can be found in the list down below.

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