Police Robot Hound by Cyborg-Lucario

Police Robot Hound


31 December 2019 at 11:51:28 MST

I have been working on more concept art for my Animal Heroes series (which Magical Guardian Magus Doe is part of), and I'd like to share them with you.

Police Robot Hound is about a crime fighting robot with the head of a dog who uses his ability to self learn to fight crime and solve the murder of his creator.

Hound wasn't planned on having a tail or so it seems, because the tail seems to balance him well, and he can also detach it to use as a melee weapon.
His other weapon is a laser gun that's mostly set to stun mode.
He can talk, though he had to learn it because he could only bark at first.
Howling is also a good way to make people know that he's on the way.

He likes being called a good boy, but he dislikes being underestimated.

I chose for him to be a german shepherd because that's usually one of the commong dogs you will see used by the police in media.

This was originally uploaded on Patreon a week ago. You can find the link down below.

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